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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  February 16, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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president trump to claim vindication today. the president set on twitter quote russia started the anti- u.s. campaign in 2014 long before i announced that i run for president. the results of the election were not impacted, the tramp campaign did not nothing wrong. no occlusion." more on the indictments in the reaction. >>reporter: it stems from special counsel robert mueller's wide-ranging investigation and to russian interference in a 26 election. despite the president's tweet, the indictment does not rule out potential ties between the trump campaign in russia. authorities say more than 100 americans were unwitting participants including at least three trump campaign officials. this indictment serves as a reminder that people are not always with a appear to be in the internet. the indictment alleges that the conspirators want to promote discord in the united states and undermine public confidence
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in democracy. we must not allow them to succeed. the federal indictment said the defendants posed as americans using fake social media post to try to sway the political process. mostly in favor of donald trump . it includes charges of conspiracy to defraud the united states, conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and i entity theft. staging political rallies in new york and florida, both for and against donald trump and hillary clinton. the defendants posed at as politically and socially active americans advocating for and against particular candidates. they establish social media pages and groups to communicate with unwitting americans. a spokesman for clinton said on twitter the indictments quote - - time will tell us more about russia went to great lengths to undermine our democracy and the president won't protect us." president trump has been
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reluctant to acknowledge any interference in the election. this indictment will make it harder for him to continue that stance. the president said quote we must unite us in - - as americans to protect the integrity of our democracy and our election." at least one american was charging connection with the conspiracy. a man from - - san rafael telephone you. - - that were used by the russians, his attorney said his client had no knowledge of any ties to election meddling. during the uc - - david levine said the white house is probably not off the hook just yet. what you don't know is what else is coming. mr. rosenstein was careful to say that this involved people acting unwittingly. we don't know who might have acted wittingly and we don't know what else is coming. this is just one shoe on a
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centipede, there's a lot more to come from mr. mueller. it's unlikely that they will be extradited to face charges, but they won't be able to travel much outside of russia because of fear of being arrested in countries that do have extradition treaties with the united states. we posted more information on the indictments plus video from rob rosenstein conference today, click on story near the top of the homepage. president trump and first lady visited with victims of this week's school shooting in parkland. this is footage of the first couple of arriving today where many of the 14 people injured are being treated. during the visit, the president praised what he called the incredible work of doctors, nurses and first responders. the fbi made a stunning admission saying the bureau was warned last month that the accused gunman had the desire to kill and might attack its former high school. that tip was never forwarded for follow-up.
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lauren blanchard live in the hospital with the latest. good evening, now the florida governor rick scott is calling for the resignation of the fbi director, christopher wray. this is after the agency admitted there were warning signs that could have positive the alerted the agency to this gunman before it happened. we're looking into a social media post. as movements, his conversations leading up to the shooting. as well as any other indicators that may have the out - - that may be out there. they were warned back in january that nikolas cruz had guns with exhibiting erratic behavior and had mentioned wanting to attack more - - douglas high school. in a stunning revelation the agency said proper protocol is not followed and cruz was never investigated. just over a month later, he returned to his former school opening are on students and
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teachers killing 17. leaving families in the parkland community shattered. in the morning, sometimes, things get so crazy, she - - she was behind, i got a go dad, by. i don't know i don't always get to say i love you. i don't remember if i said this that to jamie yesterday morning. it's the latest in a string of deadly attacks on america's schools. with more than two dozen fatal shooting incident since columbine in 1999. many in washington now calling on congress to act and address the issue of gun violence in america. this president and our entire administration are going to focus with renewed energy on getting to the bottom of the lessons to be learned in this investigation. of the six victims that still remain hospitalized, three are in the hospital behind me, to are in
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fair condition, one in critical condition although the hospital said the person is improving. the president visited this hospital early today and went on to the sheriff's office to meet with officials and thanked them for everything they did on wednesday and the president has wrapped the visit and is on his way to his estate. attorney general jeff sessions is calling for a review of the justice department procedures following today's admission of failures at the fbi. ktvu's henry lee talks to a former fbi agent about what went wrong. california state lawmakers are responding to the school shooting in florida with a new bill. the legislation would add to the list of people able to request a gun violence restraining order against a person who they think poses a danger. right now, only family members and law enforcement and seek that restraining order.
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the new measure would add high school and college employees. jerry brown vetoed a similar measure back in 2016, the maker said the bill will let people be safer at work and school. unfortunately, we have a horrible incident in parkland, florida where if the law was in place, they could have gone to the court and - - we need to get these guns away from the very dangerous individual. employers, coworkers and mental health professionals will be allowed to request the gun violence restraining order under this proposed to build. burlingame high school alerted parents today after an unscheduled fire alarm went to an evacuation at the school. it happened before 11 am. the fire spread - - suppression system had a surge of water pressure due to some water main issues. the fire alarm went off. students and staff were concerned given the use of the fire alarm during the shooting
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this week in florida. i had p d, we were in the gym. - - pe. we were in the gym. it didn't really occur to me. i don't think anyone was too scared about it. students were offered the opportunity to stop by the counseling office if they needed support. the school says he was able to figure out the problem and get students back to class within 20 minutes. public schools in oakland hosted an active shooter training drill for teachers and staff. leigh martinez tells us that drill was planned before the florida shooting, but the tragedy added more urgency to the event.>>reporter: inside the elementary school, teachers, administrators and staff members discussed how to deal with an active shooter. after every school shooting, trainers update the school training curriculum. there's a push to train civilians. it's where in a lot of the incidents that they are stopped by law enforcement.
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he was able to evade the immediate incident. so it's incumbent for civilians to know what to do in a critical incident or active shooter. the training is timely and the attack on a the florida school weighs heavily on their mind. >> my school, my family, right away. you feel for it. even this morning as i was driving in and hearing the news on the radio and the families, how heartbroken they are and how much support in help and i was driving in tears. today's session raises awareness on everything from characteristics of the shooter and how they choose their targets and what to do when the shooting happens. >> we have an acronym in the first part move away from the danger, don't go down and investigate. trust your instincts. it's the only school district that has its own independent police department.
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the police chief said he believes the training is helpful, but he would like to see gun control policies. schools in florida had great training. it was a very affluent neighborhood. it talked about all the training and policies and procedures they had in place and nothing will stop somebody with an assault weapon. who is going to come in and harm human beings. we did not stop him in columbine, in aurora, and the pulse nightclub, in las vegas. you will not stop somebody who has an assault weapon that's going to come in and do damage. all the metal detectors will not stop them. another change discussed was having teachers clap - - lock classrooms as soon as class begin. he knows of only two cases where active shooters with able to breach locked doors. stay with - - for continuing
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coverage, more coming up tonight at 6:30 pm and on as well. a major earthquake struck a couple of hours ago. the quake measured 7.2. it hit in the rural area in the state of oaxaca but was felt in the white area of southern and central mexico. more than 200 miles from the epicenter where buildings were shaking and alert systems one off. the city is recovering from a deadly quake on september 19 that left people dead. there are no reports of anyone killed in this afternoon's earthquake or any damage. - - major damage. along - - long lines for the new movie. the lead character is black and many carrot others are also black not everyday that you see this many african-americans in a movie. you know. it's a different experience for
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us. we're tracking the weekend forecast. we will see you back here on what you can expect for saturday and sunday. a rescue near a beach, how rescuers were able to bring people to safety. let's look at the friday evening commute. in san francisco. very, very slow. sfo gets really jammed up on friday night. the golden gate bridge, headlights are going into the city and not too bad in this friday night. near the golden gate bridge.
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san francisco fire crews rescued three people this afternoon after they became stuck in this in the cliff. they were able to perform a rescue putting each adults into a harness and hoisting them up. the hikers had a cell phone and were able to call 911. the three got stranded around 2:30 pm. a friend who did not get stuck said they were tourists visiting from texas. they were out sightseeing when they got separated. unfortunately earlier this afternoon we got separated. i have been hiking around looking for them and then waiting for them. all of this commotion happened. authorities say they needed five rescuers on site to help get those hikers to safety and luckily no one was hurt.
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they ticketed each of those three hikers $250 for crossing the ropes. an inmate at the jail in oakland is accused of attacking a sheriff's deputy with a weapon made from a pair of eyeglasses. the alameda county sheriff's department said augustine gonzales tried to stab the deputy with a sharpened piece of metal during recreation time. it happened on wednesday night. the sheriff's office said the deputy had puncture wounds, a cut to his arm in several scrapes and bruises. gonzales could face charges including attempted murder. a car thief led to of the victims on a high-speed chase through santa rosa that ended in a fiery crash. it started when two residents saw someone stealing their white charger this morning. instead of waiting for police, the two men got into another car and chased him. it reach speeds up to 100 miles per hour. the man lost side of the car but the driver crashed in 26
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other parked vehicles causing one to catch fire. a huge smash. i looked up and right over here a car was in a huge fireball. santa rosa police said the car thief managed to crawl out of the wreckage before passing out. he was taken to a hospital in serious condition but is expected to survive. crowded theaters and a lot of excitement for the new a superhero movie. the super movie - - something that others don't. a lead character who is black.the movies called "black panther", it's expected to bring in more than $200 million. paul chambers tells is for african-americans in other communities, filmlike this is long overdue. sub you're telling me like the king runs around in a bulletproof catsuit. >> the hype is real and they have the receipts to prove it.
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24 hour it premiered, the movie had broken february records bringing in more than $25 million on opening night.>>"black panther" is one of my favorite characters. it's a day of joy and celebration and a day of like pure excitement. besides setting records, it's also breaking barriers. the first time marvel in hollywood in general had a predominantly african-american cast in a big urgent movie led by oakland's own ryan coogler as the director. it captures the spirit of african people. and that's just felt really really good. for years it's been said that in hollywood, blockbusters movie could only do well with caucasian cast. seeing the success of this movie means a lot of cut - - means a lot to communities of color. something that is like extremely positive. >> when you have a film that the entire cast is somebody that looks like you.
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you feel proud and so excited. the movie is not only about a superhero but deals with issues of being an african dissent. they will take notice that people of color can work and bring in major money. you don't see this many african-americans and a movie. it's such a different experience for us. it's about time. what is it 2018 and we're still kind of praising movies that are like this where it's not normalized yet. there's a talk of a sequel where they hope that ryan coogler will direct. it is friday night, we can - - weekend starts for many, the weather was nice today, low 60s and 70s. the saturday looks good, sunday will be different, and cooler. temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. jet stream is split 10 we are
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in the middle. no rain to fall. we might see a sprinkle or something a dusting of something on sunday but i will show it to you in a bit. it will not amount to too much. winds are north and northwest, on sure no fog, it will be chilly again tonight tomorrow will be a dutiful day. if you have outdoor plans, make it on saturday. that's the day you want to go out because for hikes or whatever that's been the weather will be nice. you can see no fog along the coast and light winds along the coast. here's tomorrow morning. this made the system the main thing is it's a change in pattern because we have a pattern shift next week to be cooler and that's what this is. sunday morning, you see this, you will not cancel your plans over that. what i am seeing is the cold air being pushed into the bay
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area which will cool things off. next week will be chilly, highs in the upper 50s. not in the 70s like this week. tomorrow looks good, sunday is cooler. flu season still not over. it's probably better to get it checked out than to wait. new numbers from the cdc that indicate that outbreak may be leveling off. later in sports, joe fonzi is in spring training tonight with the oakland a's in mesa arizona. he's talking with the two mats. a battle over employer- provided control. details on the appeal announced today.
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the u.s. justice department is appealing the decision by a federal judge affecting women who get birth control through company insurance. the affordable care act requires most companies to cover birth control at no additional cost unless there was a religious exemption. a new policy announced by the trump administration in december would allow more employers to opt out of that rule for moral or religious reasons. the judge said the trump administration failed to follow notice and public comment requirements for implementing that change. the center for disease control said the deadly flow out is showing signs of leveling off. the state department of public health said that's true as well. flu activity decreasing but elevated. the most recent number shows 22
6:25 pm
deaths last week of people younger than age 65. jonathan tells us officials expect the virus to keep making people sick for several more weeks. the deadly flu outbreak still having a major impact across the country. the cdc says 22 more children died of flu related causes last week bringing the total to 84. as the worst flu season in a decade continues. there are also signs it may be leveling off with hospitalizations remaining at the same rate after increasing for 12 straight weeks. it's the first week we have not had any increases in the amount of influenza activities. that may indicate the season is speaking. the cdc reports one of every 13 hospital visits last week were because of the flu along with 8% of visits to doctors offices. 10% of deaths in the u.s. for flu related. that's down slightly from the week before. theirs a widespread flu
6:26 pm
activity report needed every state except oregon and hawaii. the season has been predominantly the h3 and two which is associated with higher hospitalization and that's. the date comes a day after the cdc reported this year's flu vaccine was only effective about a third of the time. doctors and health officials are advising the public is not too late to get a flu shot. it's as always, if you are experiencing severe flulike symptoms, go to a doctor, not work or school. high fever, weakness, trouble breathing, chest discomfort. it's better to get it checked out than to wait. they worn is still too early to know for sure whether the outbreak is beginning to level off. they anticipate several more weeks of high flu activity. 630 news is next. questions about fbi procedures after the agency admitted major
6:27 pm
failures in following up a tip about the shooting suspect. for it not to be disseminated, it's inexcusable. a former fbi talks about what went wrong and the lessons hope to be learned. a new development for a race, a major endorsement for gavin newsom. they use golf to teach life lesson, now that chapter of the youth organization is shutting down. stay with us. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine.
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now to today's top stories. 13 russian nationals as well as three russian enemies were indicted today in the investigation into russian meddling in the 2000 -- 2016 u.s. election. the goal was to use social media aimed at helping donald trump at harming the prospect of hillary clinton. they created bogus area -- internet postings and fraudulently purchased advertisement. the fbi admitted today that they failed to act on a tip that the accused gunman in the florida shooting might carry out an attack. the fbi admits that they received a call last month saying that 19-year-old nikolas cruz had guns and made angry
6:31 pm
and threatening posts on social media and had expressed a desire to kill his former classmate at stoneman douglas high school. the fbi now admits proper protocols were not followed and that the tip was never forwarded to the fbi's miami field office. >> we are looking into the social media posts, his movements, his conversations leading up to the shooting. as well as any other indicators that may have -- be out there. >> the governor of florida, rick scott, is now calling for the director of the fbi, christopher wray to resign. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. jeff sessions has ordered a review now of the adjusted -- justice department's seizures. >> what went wrong. >> reporter: on january 5, more than five weeks before the mass shooting at a florida school, a person close to the suspect
6:32 pm
nikolas cruz, try to warn the fbi about him. the caller said crews owned a gun, had a desire to kill people, was behaving erratically , and was posting disturbing material on social media. the color also said crews had the potential -- cruz had the potential to carry out a school shooting. that tip never made its way to the miami field office for investigation. 17 people are now dead. >> inexcusable. >> reporter: former san francisco fbi agent rick smith says the tip should have been acted on. >> it's a little embarrassing. and the key point now is that, who's going to call in to offer a tip if there's going to be no action based on that tip if the tip is specific? >> reporter: rick scott called on fbi director christopher wray to resign. the governor said, see something, say something, is an incredibly important tool and must -- people must have
6:33 pm
confidence in the follow- through from law-enforcement. the fbi director must resign. high school students say law- enforcement should be on top of threats. >> they should really be looking after the students. >> reporter: authorities say even if the fbi didn't do its job, people should always come forward with tips. >> we hope that the government -- public would give us information that might appear to be a credible threat or a threat. and we have to investigate. >> reporter: law-enforcement says they still need tips from the public to gain -- keep the community safe. keep calling, keep texting, and keep them informed. ktvu fox 2 news. coming up next right now, demonstrators have gathered for a gun-control rally. some of the 50 or so protesters include teachers at cleveland elementary school, where five students were shot and killed and 32 others were injured back in 1989. protesters say they want a fresher congress to adopt more
6:34 pm
extensive background checks on all gun purchases. in addition, they want a ban on assault style weapons and high- capacity magazines. a bay area mother who lost her son to gun violence is using guns taken off the street and turning them into works of art. rob roth tells us about the program that she started to on her son. >> reporter: had he is on a mission to turn guns into art. >> people are just looking for ways to combat this with some type of positive message. >> reporter: she was launching a special project she calls art of peace. she's taking guns, confiscated by police or purchased in buyback programs, has them dismantled into parts of and sent to selected a area artist to make sculptures. >> it tells me that there's a hunger for people to tell their stories and to spread this message of peace. i think that that's what this
6:35 pm
whole project is about, transforming something tragic into something positive. >> reporter: alameda county is joining in. district attorney nancy o'malley heard about the project and decided to take part. also be turned into six smaller sculptures made of gun parts and one large one. artist in alameda county are being invited to submit ideas that reflect the effects of gun violence. >> in the old days, we would just take them to a visibility. they'd be incinerated. it occurred to us that, what message can we make with this firearms? >> i'm just so incredibly touched and actually surprised. >> reporter: the city of richmond is also participating. pro bloody -- she started the project in honor of her son who was shot to death during an apparent robbery. the project also includes job training programs and the building trade. >> you have to address the
6:36 pm
underlying issue, which is why people are desperate. it's because of lack of opportunity. >> she's an inspiring person to take horrible personal tragedy to relate it to not only gun violence but also this idea of pathways to careers. >> reporter: she says her goal is to see the artist project continue growing county by county, state-by-state until it reaches across the country. in oakland, rob, ktvu fox 2 news. it's official. mitt romney is running for senate.'s announcement today that seems to criticize his trumpet ms. -- the trump administration. paying tribute to the late mayor ed lee. >> he was known as a champion of the environment.
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new at 6:30, senator harris is giving her support to avenues and in his run for governor. harris in the former d.a. in san francisco. today, she endorsed the former san francisco mayor at an event at the mercy of southern california. senator harris praised new some 's views on gun safety and universal healthcare. >> he has had the courage to be a leader on what it means to bring universal health coverage to people who have the right to have the dignity of access to affordable healthcare. >> thank you all very very much. >> trying to break out of the
6:40 pm
pack of five democrats and three republicans. the primer is june 5. the top two senators will then face off in november. mitt romney will run for the senate in utah. he released a campaign video that seems to criticize the trump administration. >> utah has a lot to teach the politicians in washington. utah has balanced its budgets, washington is buried in debt. utah welcomes eagle immigrants around the world. washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion. >> the 2012 republican nominee is hoping to fill 83-year-old on hatchet -- orrin hatch '-- orrin hatch's seat. he was born in michigan and served as the message -- governor of massachusetts. changing how security clearances at the white house
6:41 pm
are manage. increase in pressure for his handling of abuse allegations. former staff secretary rob porter had an interim security clearance despite domestic violence allegations by two ex- wives. kelly says the fbi and the justice department need to get more timely updates on current investigations. he also wants any significant derogatory information about staff members quickly flagged. the aquarium of the bay boarded the lunar new year today with a tribute to the late senator -- san francisco mayor ed lee. they began with a tai chi demonstration and tribute to lee . the aquarium also announced its new environmental award. it will be given to a high school senior each year to show leadership and environmental issues in the bay area. the student will receive a scholarship and a paid internship with the aquarium. >> merely was -- mayor lee was
6:42 pm
a champion of young people to push the careers in science, technology, environment, engineering, and mathematics. >> the subtle bashan needed today with a traditional line dance. -- lie in dance. a youth organization is shutting down. >> a lot of kids that were excited for the game, now they have nowhere to turn to. >> why the organization says it has no choice but to shut its doors. talk about your saturday. pushing forward into sunday. let you know what to inspect in the second half of the weekend. the cooldown coming next week. >> ♪ friday, i'm in love friday, you can fall apart ♪ tuesday, wednesday,. my heart ♪ thursday, doesn't even start ♪ it's friday, i'm in love ♪
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the oregon -- oregon chapter of an organization that teaches golf shut its doors. >> how a lot of kids enrolled in the first tee program to learn much more in just -- then just golf. >> reporter: the oakland east bay chapter of first t abruptly closed its doors yesterday no longer able to serve disadvantage, underserved, and at risk youngsters. on the state -- unsustainable fundraising efforts plus over rapid expansion did the chapter
6:46 pm
in. preston peace center -- says the oakland chapter's demise is a huge loss for the youngsters. >> golf is one of the only sports where there's no referees on the course. >> reporter: so the heart and soul of golf is really that you challenge yourself, not others. >> you have to practice on a c integrity, self-respect, discipline, respect for the golf course, respect for yourself, and respect for your coaches. >> reporter: the website proudly shows how it measures success. >> thank you for teach me integrity. >> thank you for teach me sportsmanship. >> thank you for helping me learn respect. >> thank you for teach me responsibility. >> reporter: that kind of thanks will be muted in oakland. other bay area chapters are simply too far away.
6:47 pm
the oakland ace program can't do much to help. >> we would like to serve other kids. at this time, we are not capable of providing those services. >> reporter: surviving in oakland and reviving in oakland. it will have to have the kind of support that it deserves for the long haul. >> what's unfortunate now is that a lot of kids that were excited about the game, that's not a new love for the game, now they have nowhere to turn to. and so therefore, we're just eliminating the whole preparation of potential golfers and positive citizens in the community. >> reporter: tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. friday night, hope you got your weekend well underway. there's going to be a nice looking day from -- tomorrow for you. big picture shows the islands
6:48 pm
down here. moisture going up. moisture out here below or coming up from the topic of cancer and shooting all the way across here. really interesting pattern. there's this big high pressure here. that's the reason they're going around us, this salad bowl upside down. that's what it is. that's what it looks like if you were to visualize it. you can see it in some of the other things like temperatures. but the idea is the jet stream is being split into two portions. there's a lot of it out there. it's streaming the wrong way, going away from us. outside, you got a camera shot that shows you how much. it doesn't show you log or wind or anything. it shows you that bay bridge. also, just imagine how cool it is out there with temperatures that dropped tonight into the 40s and the evening hours.
6:49 pm
40s and 50s. there's san jose tomorrow morning. it's a model showing what the sky is going to be. 55 in san jose and fremont. 70 at 3:00. and again, beyond mission. you can see the beautiful blue skies. by sunday, some more of these clouds are going to be filling in and bring us a chance of a sprinkle. high pressure -- no, slight chance. sunday is going to be a find a. it's just going be cooler. tomorrow is your nicest day in the weekend. this guy drops down. way up there. cool low. cold air doesn't hold much moister. if you get a sprinkler on you -- sprinkle on you, i wouldn't be surprised. it's a drag because this weather system minus the moisture. you just get cold and some wind. 70. forecast highs for saudi. and then it goes the other way. sunday, temperature highs. sunday, and monday, we will just be in the 50s.
6:50 pm
it's a good 10, 15 degree drop. and then next week, temperatures chill down a little bit. there you go. note rain in the forecast. there is that little bit i should do, but i wouldn't change my plans over that. i don't expect you to. hopefully 24 february, the pattern wants to change back to more of a wet pattern. look at that jet stream and the pattern. it can be so wet. there's so much moisture, but it's going the wrong way. oh my gosh. >> it's missing out. >> bad luck. >> thank you. looking forward to a big season from the young power hitters. we will have a full report coming up next in sports. the news continues next on the 7. >> that the power -- that's the power of 2. ♪
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mark is here. we're talking baseball. every time i think of ryan fabian, i keep forgetting that he is no longer the gm. but they are expanding his role a little bit? >> well, he was bumped up. he was going to oversee scouting and do some ground- level stuff to make sure the organization was healthy. and then you lose 98 games. i think team ownership kind of said, you know what? brian fabian has been pretty successful in helping the guys
6:54 pm
beat the giants. we want him involved every single day. that's the deal. i don't know how they're going to spend it, but it can't be seen as a great vote of confidence for bobby evans, who will remain the giants general manager but definitely brian fabian is seen as a guy who has had great success and they need it back sooner than ladle -- later. bobby evans quoted today with regard to the team's interest in tim. i don't think it's any slight on us if he does choose to go somewhere else. he certainly has interest from a lot of people in this organization. can you imagine tim coming back? possibly. as far as the oakland a's are concerned, in mesa, therefore kissed on a lot of young -- their focus is on a young -- lot of young ways. joe fonzi. proving it.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: there was plenty of competition for the a's. what's largely nailed down is the identity of the position players. two of them who last season traveled similar paths. after the a's made him a first round draft choice, matt olson got a midseason promotion. he hit 24 home runs in just 59 games. >> i was on -- everything just happened to be up in the air and was going out. so it was one of those things you can't really explain. it's not like i was up there every time trying to hit a home run. >> reporter: another matt chapman was called up and is also an a's first round draft pick. >> after getting a taste of the
6:56 pm
big leagues and getting some experience and kind of knowing what to expect, it makes spring training more comfortable, i would say. i'm here to obviously just get myself repaired and get as ready as i can be. >> reporter: the a's would certainly be set for a wild. the only issue might be if someone hollers, hey, matt. >> just kind of, what? >> matt is probably not used a whole lot. so i think that lens to -- lens do not having too much confusion. >> you how -- heard bob's solution. nickname. there's another mat on the team, matt joyce. joe fonzi, ktvu fox 2 news. >> i told you he was going to go to the mat to prove it. >> reporter: what's going on with the golden state warriors? they are down in l.a., of course. the first team to have back-to- back years of four players
6:57 pm
participating. today, steph curry and the other half of his combination, klay thompson out there. as usual, doing something. sponsored by the league of course. part of the all-star festivities. sincerely getting a kick out of helping out kids and they don't seem to distant from their own -- too distant from their own childhood memories. >> there's a different buzz. great weather in l.a. amazing scenery, a lot of history. so it's always fun to come here. all-star weekend and just all the names and the activities going on. so it's pretty cool. >> that's your warriors store -- story for today, frank. >> see you later. >> thank you. thanks for joining us. good night.
6:58 pm
>> the power of 2 means more news more often.
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